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Natural stone has always been the primary choice of building materials for centuries.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to quarry and build with natural stone, having their monuments constructed with limestone and granite. These monuments still stand firm till today, and that is a testament to the durability of natural stone. It is resistant to all sorts of wear and tear caused by weather elements, pest damage, and rotting or warping caused by exposure to moisture; even scratches to these sturdy stones can be easily fixed with a re-polish. 

Using natural stone for building is timeless, distinct and unique. Its diversity encourages limitless design potential and versatility, without ever replicating the look of any individual block of stone. Each stone that you can find in Futar Singapore has its distinctive features with its range of styles, colours and textures – So peculiar that is beyond what you can ever imagine. Uncover more than ten different options of surface finishing with Futar, the leading stone supplier in Singapore, with the more conventional choice being the classic polished surface. Nevertheless, other less shiny finishes such as honed and leathered are also thriving in the market due to their versatility in giving the natural stone a more rugged and raw look.

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As one of the top natural stone suppliers in Singapore, the diversity of stones we offer is sure to impress. Find various types of stones that include marble, travertine, granite, schist, quartzite, onyx and limestone. Whatever your preference is, whether you love the look of luxury or nature, we have it all. If you have any specific requirements in mind such as granite floor tiles or a marble feature wall, feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to assist you.



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