Shower Head Sets in Singapore

Showering is no longer just a daily cleanliness routine that is deemed necessary; it is now perceived as a sensory experience to unwind and dramatically enhance your overall well-being.

Choosing the right shower head for your bathroom can undeniably transform your life. It is a crucial decision that one cannot overlook. The contemporary bathroom shower systems that you can find online at Futar Singapore today are intuitively designed with a perfect balance between style and functionality, allowing you to revolutionise every shower experience on a whole new scale.

What Types of Bathroom Shower Heads & Systems Do We Offer?

Our comprehensive online inventory comes with different types of bathroom shower heads and systems to meet your showering needs and preferences while simultaneously making the process of designing your dream bathroom a highly personal one.

1. Rain shower head

If you want to have a luxurious or relaxing shower experience that mimics the feeling of standing in the rain, then the rain shower head type would be suitable for your bathroom. In our catalogue, you can find the Piet Boon Rain Shower – PB 30, which is a wall-mounted rain shower with a diameter of 280mm, giving you a soothing bathroom experience. It can be combined with all mixers and a spout to fill your bathtub.

2. Hand shower sets

Also known as detachable shower heads, this bathroom shower system typically features a special type of shower head that’s attached to a hosepipe. It gives you full body coverage without needing to move and position your body for washing. At Futar, we have hand shower sets from both VitrA and Piet Boon. Some of the hand shower sets we have from VitrA are the Compact 3F Shower set, Chrome and MASTER 1F Shower set, Chrome. What we have for Piet Boon is the Piet Boon Hand shower Set – PB 32.

3. Twin shower sets

Our twin shower set can be the upgrade in the shower experience that you’ve been looking for. This bathroom shower system features a handheld shower head and an overhead shower, designed to provide your shower needs all in one set. We provide twin shower heads from VitrA which not only gives you a satisfying shower experience but also features water-saving technology to help you conserve more water and energy. Some of the bathroom shower systems that can help promote sustainability in your household include the Shine Round Shower Column and the Lite LC Shower Column, Chrome.

4. Free standing showers

With a free-standing unit, you don’t have to worry about having a surrounding bathtub or shower room walls. You can install them in any practical part of the bathroom, making them an excellent shower system for bathrooms where you want to save space. The free-standing shower we offer is the Piet Boon Free Standing Shower – PB 37, which is an outdoor shower with progressive temperature control.

5. Bath spouts

If you have your own bathtub, then getting a high-quality bath spout is essential to your bathing experience. Aside from our VitrA shower heads, you can find a bath spout from Piet Boon, the Piet Boon Bath Spout – PB 33. This bath spout features a distinct shape, that’s a staple of the brand, and operates with a single lever over 2 axes. What’s great about this bath spout is that it comes with a water-saving aerator, making it perfect for the sustainable homeowner.

VitrA Shower Head Sets at Futar

At Futar, a major supplier of building materials in Singapore, we carry bathroom shower systems from VitrA, a leading European brand which combines imaginative design concepts with cutting-edge technology to redefine your relationship with water. As VitrA’s shower systems are compatible with all bathroom mixers, you can even choose to opt for one that is built with the rainfall feature, adding a completely new dimension to your shower experience. With the hand-held shower, shower head and router built into a single body, VitrA has created an unrivalled series that is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Roots for Sustainability

Driven by a commitment to a sustainable future, VitrA also introduces bathroom shower head systems with all-new sensor technology, among other smart features. The systems offer improved hygiene and advanced power- and water-saving capabilities for professionals and end-users worldwide, including Singapore. With the aim to exert a positive influence on consumption patterns, this life-changing feature will enable every individual to partake in conscious showering while saving water and power.

Why Buy Shower Heads Online from Futar

When you browse through our online catalogue, you can find an unsurpassed range of shower solutions, including shower columns, shower head sets, hand shower sets and more. With all the world-class bathroom shower systems we offer, Futar encourages and empowers creativity in modern bathrooms for homeowners.

Experience the core foundations of Futar — Beauty, Service and Finish and find versatile bathroom shower heads and systems that you can pair with other top-of-the-line bathroom faucets and basin sink taps. If you require professional assistance in picking out the ideal bathroom shower system or shower head in Singapore, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts will work to provide you with tailor-made services, because we want you to have a home that is truly yours.




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