Buy Full Body / Homogeneous Tiles in Singapore

With the diverse classification of tiles available commercially, it is no surprise that you will be overwhelmed with choices when selecting one for your home.

But what exactly are homogeneous tiles? Homogeneous tiles, also commonly known as ‘Full Body Porcelain Tiles’, are a type of porcelain tile that is unglazed. Homogeneous tiles have a consistent composition of colouration and material throughout the entire body, including the surface.

Due to its durability, homogeneous tiles are commonly used on heavy traffic areas, for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You will be able to spot them in commercial spaces, public places, pools or even outdoor patios in Singapore. The other advantages of the glazed porcelain floor tile include its water-, chemical- and stain-resistant properties that enable it to be extremely low maintenance. For homeowners who wish to ease their day-to-day cleaning load, homogeneous tiles are the best option to go for. Beyond that, homogeneous tiles also offer endless versatility for homeowners to experiment with. If you are on the lookout for a durable, stylish yet affordable ceramic tile option in Singapore, these everlasting tiles are sure to take you beyond boundaries.

Tiles That Will Last for a Lifetime

Futar is the leading tile supplier in Singapore, and spans a broad array of homogoneous tiles that come in the finest styles intended for residential, industrial and commercial establishments in Singapore. From minimal appearance to modern, sophisticated patterns, we are here to bring a whole new dimension to your urban properties, according to your desired ambience. Established in the 1970s, our high level of expertise and experience can be counted upon to help you pick the right tiles that will withstand the test of time. Ready to spruce up your premises? Speak to our team of experts today. Simply ring us up at +65 6543 3818 or click here to leave us a message.



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