Sanitary Ware in Singapore: Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Futar

Bathrooms are no longer an area just for washing and only for use when nature calls. They have become an intimate space for every individual’s daily “me-time,” and that is why it is important to devote special thoughts and considerations to choosing every single sanitary ware in your bathroom. Sanitary ware encompasses a wide range of essential fixtures and fittings that not only contribute to a bathroom’s functionality but also shape its ambience. From modern wash basins that elevate your vanity area to toilets that make hygiene more convenient and cleaning even easier, each sanitary ware component is carefully chosen to enhance the overall experience of your bathroom.

At Futar, we understand the significance of every element within your bathroom sanctuary. As such, we strive towards making your private space extra comfortable without neglecting the visual appeal by being the sole sanitary ware supplier of the esteemed brand, VitrA. We’ve partnered with VitrA for their uncompromising quality, innovation, and design prowess when it comes to sanitary ware. By giving you a comprehensive selection of VitrA’s impeccable products, we empower you to curate a bathroom space that aligns with your unique taste and overall vision of your Singapore home.

About VitrA: World-Class Sanitary Ware Brand

Going above and beyond producing sanitary ware products for homeowners in Singapore, VitrA understands the change in habits and designs bath spaces based on trends that meet the masses’ needs at the same time. With that being said, VitrA has produced practical, technological and appealing bath spaces for all by using hygienic and environmentally friendly products.

VitrA understands the evolving habits and preferences of individuals when it comes to bathroom design. As such, they continually adapt to current trends while ensuring that their offerings meet the diverse needs of their target market. By embracing practicality, VitrA creates bath spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly. Each product is designed with users in mind to enhance their overall experience and convenience, making their daily routines a pleasure.

The sanitary ware products that you can find in Futar are geared with smart systems to enable easy cleaning, as well as energy and water-saving features as part of the innovation. There is more to them than you can ever imagine.

Recognised for Design Excellence

Known for its superior design and quality, VitrA has numerous design awards under its belt. VitrA has been a consistent winner at the Good Design Awards, which is an award programme by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design that creates awareness about contemporary design and honours both product and industry leaders in design. The Good Design Awards has been running for more than seven decades and is one of the most respected design competitions in the world. VitrA holds a total of 47 Good Design awards.

VitrA has also won Gold at 2022 iF Design Awards in collaboration with London Design Medal winner Tom Dixon. For over a decade, VitrA has been collaborating with the world’s leading designers to develop sanitary ware that elevates the bathroom experience of homes worldwide. Therefore, when it comes to creating sophisticated bathrooms for your Singapore home, you can count on VitrA to give you the sanitary ware you need.

Smart Features for Effortless Maintenance and Energy/Water Savings

Futar takes great pride in being the sole supplier of VitrA sanitary ware products in Singapore. By getting VitrA sanitary ware for your bathroom, you can promote sustainability and cost-savings while getting a sophisticated ambience. Here’s a look into the benefits of VitrA’s sanitary ware products:

Smart Cleaning

VitrA’s smart cleaning function incorporates innovative technologies that streamline the cleaning process, minimising the effort and time required to keep your bathroom fixtures spotless. Additionally, it ensures better hygiene to promote the well-being of homeowners.

VitrA sanitary ware includes features such as self-cleaning and automated sanitisation for toilets and smart faucets with anti-limescale mechanisms. They’ve also designed toilet seat covers that have rimless structures to remove one of the unhygienic aspects of traditional water closet design. These features alleviate the burden of regular upkeep, allowing homeowners in Singapore to enjoy a pristine bathroom environment effortlessly.

Energy & Water Efficiency

Here at Futar, we acknowledge the importance of environmental stewardship.To mitigate our carbon footprint and conserve resources, we proudly offer sanitary ware from VitrA that incorporates energy-saving mechanisms. For instance, intelligent flush systems in toilets optimise water usage by employing precise sensors that determine the appropriate amount of water needed for each flush. This not only contributes to water conservation but also helps homeowners reduce their utility bills, making it a financially savvy choice as well.

Comprehensive Range of Sanitary Ware Products

Futar provides a wide range of sanitary ware products in Singapore that allows you to curate your home bathroom, designing it in the way you envisioned.

Wash basins

Our catalogue of modern wash basins is exquisite pieces that effortlessly blend functionality with opulence, creating a sophisticated ambience for your bathroom. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these wash basins showcase exceptional ceramic design in a variety of forms, elevating the aesthetics of your space to new heights.

Water Closets and Toilet Bowls

You can find a range of luxury water closet pans and toilet bowls that combine impeccable design with advanced technology, creating a truly luxurious bathroom experience. Our collection of VitrA toilets and water closets are versatile in terms of design, making it possible to feature in any type of bathroom aesthetic. Not only that but it is also engineered to optimise water usage, promoting sustainability in any Singapore home.

Squatting Pans and Urinals

Should you require the installation of squatting pans and urinals in your bathroom, we have various models from VitrA that feature space-saving design and optimal hygiene for users. VitrA urinals and squatting pans are made to maximise the available space in your bathroom without compromising comfort and functionality. This type of sanitary ware also comes with a rimless design and an anti-bacterial surface, reducing the deposit and bacteria build-up.

Complementary Products

Complementary products for our sanitary ware include faucets for your modern wash basins and toilet seat covers. VitrA’s toilet seat covers come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit your comfort and preference. Their toilet seat covers are made of Duroplast, which is the common material used for high-quality toilet seat covers. Duroplast comes from the plastic hardening of the materials, making them robust and break-proof. At the same time, their smooth and non-porous surface facilitates effortless cleaning, ensuring an easy maintenance routine for these seat covers.

On the other hand, we also have VitrA faucets that promote energy saving and maximum hygiene. It comes with an adjustable cartridge that allows you to adjust the temperature and flow of water. Moreover, you can save time cleaning your faucets as it comes with a special aerator with silicon fibre.

Professional Assistance for a Personalised Experience

If you are facing a lacklustre bathroom situation, then our professional team in Singapore is here to do the magic. Add a little touch of sophistication with our range of sanitary ware selections. Revamping your bathroom can be a huge investment, especially when you need to replace your water closets or wash basins. But with the help of our professional team, you can make an informed decision on the sanitary ware you want to be installed in your new and improved bathroom. Our professionals will lend you their knowledge and expertise on bathroom design and product details of each VitrA sanitary ware, from their water closet pans to wash basins. Curate the bathroom of your dreams where design meets function when you work with our professionals at Futar. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Sanitary Ware from Futar in Singapore

What smart features are included in Futar’s sanitary ware products for easy maintenance and energy/water savings?

Futar’s VitrA sanitary ware products boast optimised water usage, effortless cleaning, and designs for superior hygiene. Precise sensors in water closet pans and toilets ensure efficient flushing. Quality materials like ceramic and Duroplast simplify maintenance while toilet designs minimise contamination and bacterial buildup, promoting a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment for households in Singapore.

Can I customise the design of my chosen sanitary ware product?

Customisation is available, depending on the sanitary ware product. If you want to know whether you can personalise certain aspects of the sanitary ware product of your choice, you can speak to our team, and we will work with you in creating tailored solutions for your bathroom.

What is the warranty on Futar’s sanitary ware products?

Warranty of our sanitary ware products varies by product and brand. For more information, kindly reach out to our professionals directly. They will provide you with the specific warranty coverage, duration, and any terms and conditions associated with the sanitary ware products you are interested in.

How can I ensure proper installation and maintenance of my chosen sanitary ware product?

You don’t have to worry about finding someone to install our sanitary ware products in your Singapore home. Our professionals not only install your chosen product efficiently but also guide you through its proper maintenance for long-term functionality and durability.

How does Futar ensure the quality and safety of its sanitary ware products?

At Futar, we’re committed to being a supplier of sanitary ware products that meets rigorous quality and safety standards in Singapore. We partner with reputable brands like VitrA, known for exceptional craftsmanship and rigorous quality control. Our team thoroughly evaluates each product for industry certifications and safety regulations, ensuring the highest standard of quality, safety, and reliability for your peace of mind.




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