Sanitary Ware in Singapore

Bathrooms are no longer an area just for washing and only for use when nature calls.

They have become an intimate space for every individual’s daily “me-time”; and that is why it is important to devote special thoughts and considerations into choosing every single sanitary ware in your bathroom. At Futar Singapore, we strive towards making your private space extra comfortable, without neglecting the visual appeal. With this goal in mind, we are proud to be the exclusive sole distributor of the leading European brand, VitrA.

About VitrA

Going above and beyond producing sanitary ware products for homeowners in Singapore, VitrA understands the change in habits and design bath spaces based on trends that meets the masses needs at the same time. With that being said, VitrA has produced practical, technological and appealing bath spaces for all by using hygienic and environmentally friendly products. 

The sanitary ware products that you can find in Futar Singapore are geared with smart systems to enable easy cleaning, as well as energy and water-saving features as part of the innovation. There are more to them than you can ever imagine.

Recognised for Design Excellence

With its superior design, quality and groundbreaking features, the sanitary ware products at Futar Singapore are acknowledged with some of the world’s most prestigious awards, such as the German Design Award in 2016 and more. 

Transform Your Personal Space with Our Bathroom Solutions

If you are facing a lacklustre bathroom situation, then Futar is here to do the magic. Add a little touch of sophistication with our range of sanitary ware selections including washbasins, water closets & toilet bowl, squatting pans, urinals and other complementary products – such as bathroom accessories and bathroom faucets.

Wish to narrow down your choices? Let our team of professionals in Singapore assist you with that. Get in touch with us today!




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