Find Your Ultimate Wash Basin in Singapore 

A wash basin, also known by other names including sink, washbowl, hand basin and skin, is a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture intended for multi-purposes, such as handwashing and dishwashing, among others. In the majority of modern households in Singapore, you will spot wash basins installed in kitchens and bathrooms with taps, also recognised as faucets, that supply both hot and cold water interchangeably. Occasionally, you will even notice wash basins with a spray feature meant to facilitate faster rinsing or one that is equipped with a drain to remove used water. Many wash basins, especially in kitchens, are installed adjacent to or inside a counter.

The traditional wash basin that you can find in Singapore has revolutionised along with the advancement of technology. Today, wash basins with drains might also be accompanied by a strainer and/or a shut-off device, along with an overflow-prevention device to eliminate the possible occurrence of household flooding, and other potential household disasters that can come about. That is not all. Modern wash basins may also come with an integrated soap dispenser, giving you an all-in-one washing solution.

Comprehensive Collection of Wash Basin Units at Futar in Singapore

With our extensive range of designs at Futar, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect wash basin for your kitchen, bathroom or any ideal location of your choice. Why? Because our wash basins are thoughtfully designed to serve the purpose beyond just meeting your basic washing needs. 

We understand that storage is an integral part of any bathroom, and convenience is key as our lives become ever more connected than before. Hence, our range of wash basin units at Futar in Singapore is integrated with smart storage solutions, and built with award-winning designs. 

Here are popular wash basin options available at Futar:

Countertop Wash Basins

Countertop wash basins are a stylish and popular choice in modern bathrooms and kitchens. They sit on top of a counter or vanity unit and are available in various sizes and materials, such as ceramic, glass, stone, and metal. At Futar, countertop wash basins made of high-quality materials are available in a range of shapes, including oval, round, square, and rectangular, allowing you to choose the perfect sink to match your unique style and design preferences. 

Semi-Recessed Wash Basins

Semi-recessed wash basins are partially embedded in a countertop or vanity unit, with the front part of the basin protruding beyond the counter. They offer a sleek and modern look and are popular in smaller bathrooms. We have a wide range of recesses and semi-recessed wash basins in various shapes, including oval, round, square, and rectangular.

Inset Wash Basins

Inset wash basins are installed into a countertop or vanity unit, with the rim flush with the surface. They offer a sleek, modern look and are easy to clean. Made from top-quality materials such as ceramic or stone, we have an extensive selection of inset wash basins to suit different preferences and styles.

Along with countertop, semi-recessed, and inset wash basin options, we offer the freedom for you to be as creative as you like. Start turning your dream bathroom space into a reality with us. 

If you require recommendations from our team of experts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality and Functionality of Wash Basins at Futar

Futar is a trusted brand that has been consistently delivering high-quality wash basins to its customers. By using only the finest and most long-lasting materials in the construction of our wash basins, we ensure that they are both durable and functional. 

Our wash basins also come equipped with a range of practical features that enhance the user experience. For example, the integrated soap dispenser saves space and ensures users have access to soap when washing their hands. The strainer prevents debris from clogging the drain, while the shut-off device allows users to control water flow, making our wash basins an excellent choice in water conservation-conscious areas. The overflow-prevention device ensures that water doesn’t spill over the basin, keeping the surrounding area dry and safe. 

Whether for residential or commercial use, our wash basins provide convenience, ease of use, and durability, making them a smart choice for any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wash Basins At Futar in Singapore

What are the different types of wash basins available at Futar?

Futar offers a range of wash basins, including countertop, undercounter, recessed and semi-recessed wash basins. Each type offers unique features and advantages to suit various needs and preferences. Customers can choose the type of wash basin that best fits their space and style.

Can I find a wash basin that fits my bathroom or kitchen’s unique style and design?

At Futar, we offer a wide range of wash basins in various styles and designs, allowing users to find a basin that fits their bathroom or kitchen. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern look or a more traditional, classic appearance, we have sinks to suit every requirement.

What materials are used in the construction of wash basins at Futar?

Futar is committed to delivering wash basins of exceptional quality and longevity. To achieve this, we utilise only the finest and most durable materials in the construction of our products. Hence, our wash basins can withstand daily use and maintain their appearance and functionality for years to come.

Do your wash basins come with additional features such as an integrated soap dispenser or overflow-prevention device?

Yes, Futar’s wash basins are equipped with practical features such as an integrated soap dispenser, strainer, shut-off device, and overflow-prevention device, enhancing the user experience. These features provide convenience and ease of use, making our wash basins a smart choice for practicality and functionality.

How can I consult with the team at Futar to find my perfect wash basin?

At Futar in Singapore, our team offers personalised recommendations for choosing the right wash basin and other bathroom fittings. Our range of products also include shower heads, shower mixer taps, sanitary ware, and bathtubs. Share your contact details, and we will assist you in finding the perfect fittings for you.




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