Terrazzo Tiles for Floors and Countertops

Terrazzo was first created in northern Italy in the 15th century and was a way for building constructors to reuse chips of materials like quartz or granite. This durable, environmentally-gentle and stain-resistant material has been enjoying a revival in the last few years. Terrazzo’s playful tone, with delightful glimmers of colour, brightens up your space if used as floor tiles and adds pops of subdued patterns to your kitchen countertops. If you’re an interior designer or a home owner renovating your home, consider the Terrazzo motif for a snazzy, retro look.

The Origins of Terrazzo

When bits of metal, glass, granite and marble are set into cement and polished, you get the fun, kaleidoscopic material that is Terrazzo. The history of Terrazzo can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt, but it’s more recent history is linked to Venice, Italy. Builders and artisans in Italy recycled discarded material and added it to concrete, grinding and sealing the material and adorning the floors of cathedrals with Terrazzo tiles.

Versatile, Durable and Environmentally Friendly

Materials and colours can be combined in an endless number of ways and in various sizes, making the final look of your floors and countertops unique and unlike other Terrazzo flooring. This material is also built to last, resisting water, mould or stains – making it ideal for low maintenance, long-term usage. Cleaning Terrazzo tiles also does not require special products. Terrazzo is gentle on the environment: it upcycles and makes use of unwanted material.

Choose Futar For a Wide Selection of Terrazzo Tiles

Futar is Singapore’s leading supplier of construction finishing material and sources its materials from countries all around the world, from Spain to the Middle East. Apart from Terrazzo, we offer marble, travertine, and limestone, amongst many others. Contact us to speak to our team of friendly material specialists and we will weigh in and help decide the material that best suits the final look you hope to achieve.



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