Bathroom Accessories in Singapore

In this day and age, bathrooms serve far greater purposes than just an area for showering or to answer nature calls.

It is a personal space that is associated with comfort, privacy and occasionally, luxury. As a judgement-free zone, your bathroom is probably one of the most important rooms in your home that is more often than not – overlooked. As such, it is perhaps worth going the extra mile to rethink your space, and spice things up a little.

To complete this space of comfort, you not only need to think about the major things that strike the eye like the bathroom structure, sanitary wares or bathtubs. Even the teeny-weeny details like bathroom accessories deserve your wholehearted considerations because every single detail count. However, having to set fix for a bathroom accessory among the pool of choices available in Singapore can be quite a challenge. Rest assured, Futar is here to help.

Browse Our Unparalleled Bathroom Accessories in Singapore Online

Futar carries a complete collection of bathroom accessories in Singapore from the leading European brand, VitrA. VitrA is the only brand in the global markets offering a complete bathroom solution for you. Applying design intelligence to the total bathroom concept, the brand creates an inspiring space for all, even to the smallest detail. Beyond creating practical, technological and appealing bath spaces, the products that you can find in our online catalogue are developed with both hygiene and sustainability in mind. Combined with meticulous workmanship and sensibility, VitrA’s comprehensive range of superlative bathroom accessories are highly sought after by consumers and professionals alike worldwide, including Singapore.

At Futar, you can find impressive bathroom accessories ranging from robe holders, roll holders and soap holders, to toothbrush holders, towel holders and even WC brush holders. Make Futar your go-to partner and start creating a stunning space with us today.




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