Futar Bathtub Collection in Singapore: Ideal for HDB Flats and Beyond

We can all relate to the desire of wanting a bathtub of your own, installed in your humble home in Singapore.

More than just a statement of luxury, bathtubs keep one excited for bath time, bringing you a whole new experience every time you step into the shower. Especially when life in Singapore is so fast-paced, sometimes we yearn for a quiet moment to wind down – in a calming bathtub. 

The beauty of bathtubs today is its diversity of styles, shapes and sizes. Today, the bathtub selections that you can find in Singapore is no longer only apt for spacious bathrooms. An HDB flat with a space constraint can too, house a bathtub, bathroom faucets, and bathroom fittings.

Types of Bathtubs at Futar

Acrylic Bathtubs 

An acrylic bathtub is a hot favourite in the Singapore market. Made with supple yet durable material, acrylic bathtubs are ideal for any homes. On top of that, its malleable properties enable it to be constructed into a variety of shapes and sizes, bringing forth impeccable design possibilities that you would not have imagined. The bonus to acrylic bathtubs is that they do not come with hefty price tags, enabling you to achieve the ultimate comfort at a reasonably affordable price.

Steel Bathtubs

Of course, if you are looking to invest in a more durable one that can withstand the test of time, a steel bathtub is the one to go for. Unlike acrylic bathtubs, they are a lot more rigid and resistant to chemical damages from cleaning materials. On top of that, it is also believed that these bathtubs serve as a more hygienic alternative as they are coated with enamel. As a timeless material for bathtubs, they are sure to take the fatigue away from you at the end of the day.

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