Ceramic Tiles in Singapore

The word ‘ceramic’ is derived from the Greek word ‘keramos’, which also refers to ‘potter’, or ‘pottery’.

Having been around for ages, the history of ceramic tiles can be traced back to as long as 25,000 years ago. With its longstanding reputation of being durable and versatile, ceramic tiles still preserve its popularity among homeowners and architect professionals worldwide, including Singapore, till date. 

So what exactly that made ceramic tiles in Singapore so well-loved? 

Durability That Is Beyond Imagination

When we think of ceramic tiles, the first word that would probably come to mind is durability. They are one of the most unyieldingly resilient tiles in the market when it comes to stain and wear. When a little vigilance and care, you will be surprised to still find your tiles looking as good as new after years. In fact, they can even last up to hundreds of years if professionally preserved.

Easy Maintenance

Of course, like any other surfaces in your homes, these tiles require a tad bit of cleaning and polishing. However, they are fairly easy to maintain, especially glazed ones, which comes with a protective coating on top. Any dirt, stains or liquids that come their way only rest on their surfaces, which enables you to get rid of them with a gentle wipe.

Environmentally Friendly

Made from natural components along with other recyclable components, ceramic tiles are extremely environmentally friendly. More than before, people all over the world, including Singapore, are inspired to play their part in protecting the environment. We believe that when you opt for ceramic tiles, you are essentially playing a role in being environmentally responsible.

Your Leading Ceramic Tiles Supplier in Singapore 

You can rely on Futar to supply you with the best-in-class ceramic tiles in Singapore. Not only do we have a wide variety of tiles at your disposal, but we also have a proven track record of experience to deliver an unmatched experience for you.



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