Glazed porcelain tiles are definitely as durable as their unglazed counterpart, but are sold at much lower cost. They are an inexpensive alternative to homogeneous, slate or natural stone tile materials and are much more durable than regular ceramic tiles. It is important to note that glazed tiles are different from polished tiles. The production of porcelain tiles involves firing of special clays and minerals at extremely high temperatures, and these result in tiles that are very dense, hardwearing and impervious.

How Are Glazed Porcelain Tiles Made?

Glazed porcelain tiles are crafted with natural materials from the earth such as clay and minerals, utilising a centuries-old method of producing porcelain. Raw materials are processed into a slurry, which is then dried and pressed into tile shapes. Next, a glaze is applied to the tile to achieve the desired pattern or design before they are fired in a kiln at high temperatures, which gives the tiles their signature strength and density.

Highly Versatile & Durable

Whether you are looking to tile a home, office, or commercial space, glazed porcelain floor tiles are an excellent choice. From the living and dining room to kitchen and bathroom, glazed porcelain tiles give an elegant charm to any area. They are suitable for tiling both floor and walls, and can even be used as kitchen backsplashes. Long-lasting and scratch-resistant, these ceramic tiles are a highly economical option for your tiling needs.

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