Shop From the Best Toilet Bowl & Water Closet Brands in Singapore

The toilet bowl is undeniably one of the most critical aspects of your home that will stick with you through the daily intimate moments of your life. Yet, many tend to overlook its significance until nature calls.

If you are looking to purchase a new toilet bowl or replace an old one that tends to clog up periodically, then you have arrived at the right place. At Futar, we house a comprehensive collection of the best toilet bowl supplies in Singapore for both commercial and residential properties – you can surely find one that best matches your sanitary ware needs. Read on to uncover the different styles of toilet bowls that Futar has to offer.


Across modern-day homes in Singapore, the close-coupled toilet bowl is possibly one of the most common styles you can find today. Not only are they affordable, but they are also extremely durable. For these reasons, the style has been continuously well-received by many. Just like the name suggests, the close-coupled toilet bowl has the cistern directly attached to or ‘coupled together’ with the bowl. Right here at Futar, you can find a wide range of close-coupled toilet bowls with varying aesthetics. Whether your bathroom suite is adopting a contemporary or traditional theme, we promise to have something catered for you.


The single-styled toilet bowl has its bowl and tank sculpted together to form a sleek one-piece. One of the best advantages of the single-styled toilet bowl is that it is exceptionally easy to clean without any nooks and crevices in between. Apart from its easy-to-clean exteriors, the single-styled toilet bowl has become increasingly popular among many homeowners and even commercial property owners in Singapore due to its compact attributes. If you are looking for something fancier to amp up your bathroom, you will be delighted to discover extraordinary designs in Futar, such as the Arkitekt Frog, and ones that allow you to choose beyond the classic white colour.

Wall Hung

Wall mounted water closets enable the toilet bowl to be directly mounted to the wall while keeping the actual toilet tank concealed, setting it apart from traditional styles. If your bathroom in Singapore is slightly less spacious, or if you are pursuing a minimalistic look, a wall hung toilet bowl plus wash basin is the perfect choice. We carry a plethora of wall hung options that come in all shapes, colours and sizes for you to choose from, so rest assured that you’ll find one that offers you nothing short of excellence.




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