Shower Mixer Tap and More in Singapore

A bathroom is never complete without a shower mixer and having an exceptional shower mixer tap for your bathroom is the key to creating a splendid shower experience.

Ever come across a shower mixer with extremely low water pressure? That surely brought about a dissatisfying shower encounter. This is precisely why they are more than ‘just a tap’ and choosing the right one for your personal bathroom in Singapore is more crucial than ever.

Traditionally, Singaporeans used to draw hot and cold water through separate flow taps. However, the advancements of shower mixer tap today are beyond the wildest dreams of the previous generations. Modern mixer taps for showers are now built with the harmonious ability to control water flow and temperature, using a single lever, in a single unit. This drastic revolution has put convenience at the forefront for shower heads, delivering an unparalleled bathroom indulgence for every individual worldwide, including Singapore.

Why Get Your Shower Mixer Taps from Futar?

When it comes to shower mixer taps, Futar stands out due to the quality craftsmanship that ensures our products’ reliability and long-lasting durability. Our extensive range of innovative mixer tap designs caters to diverse tastes and bathroom aesthetics. We work with trusted brands for bathroom fixtures and fittings for every home. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design or a sleek and modern look, Futar has the best bathroom mixer options to complement your style.

Advanced Thermostatic Technology

At Futar, you can find our AquaHeat mixer taps that feature Vitra’s advanced thermostatic technology to ensure safe and comfortable use in both showers and bathtubs. Built with a safety button that prevents the water temperature from rising above 38°C, these shower mixer taps are especially ideal for children and the elderly.

Safety Features

Aside from the sleek design, Futar’s shower mixer taps emphasise safety with their advanced features. Our mixer taps are equipped with anti-scald technology to maintain a steady water temperature, preventing accidental burns. For optimum shower experience, our products also incorporate built-in pressure balancing valves to keep a consistent water flow, even when water pressure fluctuates. With Futar, you can have peace of mind knowing that our shower mixer taps prioritise the safety and well-being of your family.

Practical Yet Stylish

At Futar, we provide shower mixer taps that go above and beyond its functionalities. With the trendiest shower mixer options in Singapore, we are here to boost the look and feel of your personal space, giving your bathroom an instant lift. Whether you are looking for mixer taps with designs inspired by nature, one that exudes pure elegance, or one that is minimalistic, Futar is the platform where aesthetic details and practical solutions are flawlessly integrated.

Our Products

Explore our collection of products for your home, thoughtfully designed to enhance and elevate your home:

Shower Mixer Taps

Futar’s shower mixer taps perfectly blend nature-inspired designs, elegance, and minimalism. Our minimalistic designs exude simplicity and modernity, creating a visually pleasing and uncluttered aesthetic that complements contemporary bathroom interiors. Drawing inspiration from natural surroundings, we offer a range of mixer taps with sleek curves, smooth lines, and organic structures that create a sense of harmony in your sophistication in any space.

Basin Mixers

Futar offers basin mixer taps that are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. With their versatile functionality and stylish designs, our shower mixers cater to the different needs and preferences of our clients in Singapore. Whether you’re searching for a contemporary design for your bathroom or an efficient option for your kitchen, Futar’s mixer taps combine performance and aesthetics seamlessly.

Kitchen Mixers

From performing food preps to washing the dishes, it’s crucial to select the right sink and tap mixer to maximise the efficiency of your kitchen use. We have extensive mixer taps to help you create your dream kitchen. Our designs are not only modern but also functional to give you an unprecedented level of control over the water temperature and pressure while performing essential kitchen tasks.

Bathroom Faucets

Futar’s bathroom faucets are the epitome of quality and style. With the diverse range of designs, you can select the best one to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. Crafted with passion using high-quality materials, Futar’s bathroom faucets offer durability and reliability. Choose from our single-handle faucets to our wall-mounted options to enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom space.

One-Stop Household Solution

At Futar, we not only double your shower pleasure, but we serve as the one-stop platform for your complete household needs. Beyond the shower mixer, uncover some of our best-selling basin mixers, kitchen mixers, basin sink taps, bathroom faucets, and more in Singapore today.

Installation and Maintenance

As part of our goal to ensure customer satisfaction, we also offer installation services not just for our shower mixer taps but for all Futar products. Through our team of professional plumbers, we ensure our products’ efficient setup and optimal functionality. Trust Futar for a hassle-free and professional installation experience.

Futar offers the highest-quality bathroom products, accessories, and fittings. To maintain the quality of our products after installation, we recommend cleaning the surfaces using a mild cleanser. Routine check-ups for leaks or drips to address any issues promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Shower Mixer Taps from Futar

How do I choose the right shower mixer tap for my bathroom?

Selecting the right mixer tap for your bathroom will depend on several factors. Your mixer tap should complement your bathroom’s aesthetic to achieve a more cohesive design. You also need to consider the features and technology of the shower mixer taps to maximise your shower experience.

What is thermostatic technology and how does it benefit me?

Our shower mixer taps feature thermostatic technology for consistent and safe water temperature. Automatically maintaining the set temperature, it prevents scalding or chilling shocks to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable bathing experience. This technology is essential for comfort and safety during your shower or bath.

Can I install the shower mixer myself or do I need professional help?

While setting up a shower mixer yourself is possible, professional plumbers are recommended for a seamless and safe setup. Their expertise ensures optimal functionality, prevents leaks or damage, and can give you peace of mind knowing the job is done correctly.

How do I maintain my shower mixer to ensure its longevity?

To ensure the longevity of your shower mixer taps, regular cleaning using mild cleansers and prompt leak repairs are crucial. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could cause damage to the finish. Consider scheduling routine inspections by a professional plumber to address potential issues and keep your shower mixer taps in optimal condition.

What is the warranty policy for Futar’s shower mixers?

Futar offers a 10-Year Limited Warranty from the date of installation. Simply complete and submit the Warranty Registration Form to activate the warranty when required. If you need further assistance, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How long does the installation process usually take?

Installing a mixer tap in the bathroom, shower or kitchen typically takes a few hours. However, the exact duration can vary due to several factors like plumbing complexity and accessibility. Additional modifications may also affect the timing. We recommend you consult our professional plumbers for a precise estimate.




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