Shower Mixer Tap and More in Singapore

A bathroom is never complete without a shower mixer and having an exceptional shower mixer tap for your bathroom is the key to creating a splendid shower experience.

Ever come across a shower tap with extremely low water pressure? That surely brought about a dissatisfying shower encounter. This is precisely why they are more than ‘just a tap’ and choosing the right one for your personal bathroom in Singapore is more crucial than ever.

Traditionally, the folks in Singapore used to draw hot and cold water through separate flow taps. However, the advancements of shower mixer tap today are beyond the wildest dreams of the previous generations. Modern shower mixer taps are now built with the harmonious ability to control water flow and temperature, using a single lever, in a single unit. This drastic revolution has put convenience at the forefront for shower heads, delivering an unparalleled bathroom indulgence for every individual worldwide, including Singapore. At Futar, you can find our AquaHeat mixers that feature Vitra’s advanced thermostatic technology to ensure safe and comfortable use in both showers and bathtubs. Comes with a safety button that prevents the water temperature from rising above 38°C, these mixers are especially ideal for children and elderly. 

Practical Yet Stylish 

At Futar, we provide shower mixer taps that go above and beyond its functionalities. With the trendiest shower mixer options in Singapore, we are here to boost the look and feel of your personal space, giving your bathroom an instant lift. Whether you are looking for shower mixer taps with designs inspired by nature, one that exudes pure elegance, or one that is minimalistic, Futar is the platform where aesthetic details and practical solutions are flawlessly integrated. 

One-Stop Household Solution

The best of all – we not only double your shower pleasure, but we serve as the one-stop platform for your complete household needs. Beyond the shower mixer, uncover our range of basin mixers, kitchen mixers, basin sink taps, bathroom faucets, and more in Singapore today.




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