Get the Finest Bathroom Faucets in Singapore at Futar

Beyond its primary purpose of enabling water flow, the unpretentious bathroom faucets also play a massive role in setting the accent, tone, style, and finishes of any bathrooms. From traditional to contemporary or minimalist, there are a plethora of faucet styles that allow you to reflect your personal aesthetics and style in your bathroom.

Further, with so many finishes available such as stainless steel and chrome, it is easy to find one that complements your bathroom’s overall look. The range of sizes and shapes ensures a perfect fit in any bathroom sink. Moreover, many of today’s faucets are designed with advanced technology to provide greater convenience and usability.

Hence, it is probably worth investing in one that meets both your practical and visual needs. With more than 40 years in operation, we, at Futar, are capable of providing the best-in-class bathroom faucets.

Why Shop for Bathroom Faucets at Futar

As the exclusive sole distributor of the leading European brand, VitrA, we are here to help you find the best fit for your residential or commercial properties’ bathroom fittings. Discover a massive range of bathroom faucets that not only work flawlessly with your sink and shower head or bathtub area but also comes with cutting-edge innovation and infinite styles. VitrA bathroom faucets are drawn upon its proud Turkish heritage to exude a timeless appeal, without compromising on their quality. VitrA is also one of the most prestigious brands, highly sought after by professionals across the world, including Singapore.

Durability and Practicality at Its Core

Apart from the extensive catalogue at Futar, here are some of the unsurpassed features our bathroom faucets carry.

Energy Saving

Built with a Blue Eco cartridge, which only works with a 90-degree angle, VitrA bathroom faucets prevent you from employing the combi boiler unnecessarily. This, in turn, helps to conserve more energy.

Maximum Hygiene

Keeping the level of hygiene standards in mind, all the areas of our bathroom faucets that come into contact with the water are constructed with hygienic and safe materials, enabling you to obtain water in its natural form.

Adjustable Cartridge

VitrA bathroom faucets are manufactured with the function of adjustable temperature and flow. As a result of that, you get to conserve energy and water further.

Easy Cleaning

Our bathroom faucets come with a special aerator with silicon fibre. You can now effortlessly clean your faucets and prolong their life.

Moving Aerators

With moving aerators, you can shift the direction of your water stream with just a single touch of your finger. VitrA bathroom faucets offer unparalleled flexibility with this feature, allowing you to reach every corner of your sink, wherever you want the water to flow.

What Type Of Bathroom Faucets Do We Offer?

At Futar, we offer a variety of high-quality and stylish bathroom faucets that are essential for any bathroom design. Our collection is designed to meet your needs and preferences, providing both functionality and style.

1. Basin Sink Taps

Basin sink taps are one of the most common types of bathroom faucets. Our collection of basin sink taps includes various designs that cater to both classic and contemporary bathroom interior styles. If you prefer a sleek and modern appearance, our square lever taps with precise lines and distinct edges are the perfect fit for you. We also offer more classic tap designs featuring crosshead handles.

2. Shower Heads

Shower heads are another popular type of bathroom faucet that we offer at Futar. Our collection includes shower heads from VitrA, a prominent European brand renowned for its innovative design concepts and advanced technology. Their shower systems seamlessly integrate with any bathroom mixer, providing you with the flexibility to select a rainfall feature that introduces a unique element to your showering routine. The all-in-one design incorporates a hand-held shower, shower head, and router in a single unit, resulting in an incomparable series that is visually stunning.

3. Bidets

For those who prefer a bidet for personal hygiene, we offer bidet faucets. They can be easily installed onto existing toilets and feature adjustable water pressure and temperature settings for a customised and comfortable cleaning experience. They are available in various styles and finishes to match your bathroom decor.

At Futar, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality bathroom faucets at reasonable prices. Not just bathroom faucets, but we provide complete bathroom solutions such as bathtubs, sanitaryware and more, all under a single roof. Whether you are a developer, architect, interior designer, contractor, or even individual homeowner in Singapore, we are equipped with all the bathroom accessories to fulfil your needs. With our excellent customer service and support, you can rest assured that you are getting the best products and support when you shop with us.

For more information, refer to our FAQ page or to make us your partner, contact us today.




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