Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Hygienic With a Toilet Bowl Cover from Futar Singapore

The toilet bowl cover has been around for decades. However, what many homeowners in Singapore and beyond did not realise is the significance of it.

The intent of a toilet bowl cover has remained questionable till date. The toilet bowl cover is designed to fit along with your water closets, serving as a ‘shelter’ for hygiene and sanitary ware purposes. Your toilet bowl is a hotspot for germs and bacteria. Especially when it is not being used, you want to avoid having more microbes attack your water closets. More to that, the world has come into a debate on whether it is necessary to have the lid down when flushing the toilet. The answer is – yes! The toilet bowl cover is not only designed to prevent particles from entering but getting out too. The flushing of your water closets generate tons of microparticles, and these particles are dispersed into the air, onto surfaces and more, if your toilet bowl cover is not lifted down.

The toilet bowl covers at Futar Singapore are attached with an accompanied ring seat, some of which are detachable. Like the cover, the ring seat also performs as a ‘layer’, playing a significant role to keep you away from germs and bacteria. In a household where a single toilet bowl is shared among multiple users, the seat helps to protect one from coming into contact with stray residue left behind by careless users.

An Array of Toilet Bowl Cover Selections in Singapore

Right here, you can find wash basin and toilet bowl cover selections that come in different sizes, shapes, designs, specifications and even colour. In a typical modern household in Singapore, the most common configuration is one that is white in colour and oval in shape. However, for homeowners who are more adventurous and wish to elevate the ambience of your exclusive space, we offer alternatives such as matte black, chestnut and more. You can even spot unique statement designs such as our Frog WC Seat. Browse on!




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