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Tiles are one of the most popular building materials for both kitchen and bathroom renovation in Singapore.

They have been used since the Roman times where it started with only a wooden mould as their only mechanical aid to indent patterns on the clay slab. For thousands of years, tiles were used for the beautification of interior and exterior spaces. Prior to the early 1900s, tiles were only produced to adorn important public buildings and for homes of the wealthy.

Tiles have truly revolutionised over the past decades. Today, tiles are mass-produced and can be found in the homes of almost every individual, as they are valued for their beauty and cost-saving potential. Advances in the industry are frequent when designers encourage new trends due to the ever-growing demand in the industry. With the evolution of technology, digital ink-jet technology is now used on tiles to achieve authentic stone appearances or very refined designs, leading to endless design possibilities in the market. 

As one of the most outstanding ceramic tile suppliers in Singapore, our team at Futar has also rapidly expanded our resources on a global scale. Since the 1980s, the organisation continuously innovates and introduces a growing variety of tiles from Spain, Italy, Turkey and China. As our catalogue of tiles continues to expand over the decades, Futar has grown into the go-to supplier for plenty of consumers in Singapore and beyond. Whether you are looking for one that is ever-so durable like glazed porcelain floor tile or the universal ceramic tiles and more, Futar has it all. Our unique tiles will turn your kitchen or bathroom floors into exquisite art that cannot be found elsewhere in Singapore.

Infinite Variety for Your Pick 

If you would like to take a peek into our series of tile collections, browse through our catalogue here. Overwhelmed by too many choices? Fret not – Let our experts help you. Ring us at +65 6543 3818 or click here to leave us a message.



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