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Futar has a very vast collection of stones; marble, granite, travertine, schist, limestone, onyx, tiles and engineered stones, Cimstone and has been a long distributor of bathroom furniture European brand, VitrA, in Singapore since 2006 which have the full range of all sanitary wares, faucets and fittings, shower systems as well as accessories and even tiles.

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Natural Stone & Homogenous Floor Tile Supplier in Singapore

Futar is one of the leading suppliers of natural stones, engineered stones and homogenous floor tiles in Singapore. Founded in 1971, we started out selling tiles in a humble shophouse unit along Joo Chiat Road. Today, we have expanded our product range to include natural stones like marble, granite and onyx. We also pride ourselves in supplying an extensive range of products and construction solutions to architects, developers, interior designers, contractors, and even homeowners.

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Futar is your one-stop supplier in Singapore for the widest selection of natural and engineered stones and floor tiles. Discover our extensive range of the product selections for your construction needs today.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is an extremely durable material that is resistant to all sorts of wear and tear, including damage by the weather and pests and rotting or warping due to moisture and exposure. Scratches on these stones can also be easily fixed with some polishing. Therefore, natural stone has remained the top choice of building material for centuries. Moreover, every piece of natural stone is distinct and unique, giving rise to a classic and versatile look that can withstand the test of time. Here at Futar, we offer an extensive range of natural stones, including marble, travertine, granite, schist, quartzite, onyx, limestone and semi-precious stones.

Find out more about our natural stone selection here.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stones are composite materials that make great alternatives to natural stones. Engineered stone exhibits all properties of natural stone, such as durability and strength, but is lighter in weight than natural stone. Offering similar aesthetic appeal as natural stone but at a fraction of the cost, engineered stone is a popular choice for the construction of kitchen countertops.

Find out more about our engineered stone selection here.

Homogenous Floor Tiles

Homogenous floor tiles are essential materials for kitchen and bathroom renovation in Singapore. As one of Singapore’s top floor tile suppliers, Futar offers a variety of tile types to suit every preference, including glazed porcelain, full-body, ceramic and mosaic.

Find out more about our homogenous floor tiles here.

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