Toilet Bowl

Toilet Bowls in Singapore

The toilet bowl is arguably the most important item in your home, with everyone in the household spending their intimate moments atop the throne. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing water closet or furnish a new home in Singapore, Futar has got you covered.

How to Choose the Right Toilet Bowl For You

Here are a few things to consider when searching for a toilet bowl that best suits your needs:


When it comes to procuring toilet bowls in Singapore, you generally have a few options to choose from such as close-coupled, single or wall mounted.

If you’re working with a small HDB space, wall mounted water closets might be the most ideal choice for you. As the tank is neatly concealed with the toilet bowl mounted directly to the wall, it results in a sleek, compact appearance that makes your bathroom feel considerably more spacious. Not only does It blend perfectly with a classy, minimalist aesthetic, but it is also easier than ever to clean.


From square-shaped to curved, simple to even whimsical like the Arkitekt Frog Wc Pan, there’s a toilet bowl to match any preference and theme. We offer an extensive selection of water closets ideal for both commercial and residential settings.

Find the Toilet Bowls in Singapore at Futar

At Futar, we stock only the best toilet bowls from VitrA, the leading European brand that produces five million pieces of ceramic sanitary ware each year. Superior craftsmanship meets contemporary designs as VitrA harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver versatile bathroom and home solutions.

Explore our collection of toilet bowls and water closets in Singapore, guaranteed to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic while providing utmost comfort and ease for when nature calls. Request for a quote online to get started today and feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries.




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