Plural Monoblock Urinal


with integrated flushing mechanism

Shared Intimacy

Designed by Terri Pecora in collaboration with Design Studio VitrA, Plural offers the feeling of a vintage living room, inspired by the iconic mid-twentieth century look. Light and airy furniture is creatively embedded into the bathroom environment, introducing a welcoming domestic space where users can share time with others.

Plural’s refined design language creates an atmosphere of sensual luxury. With an aesthetic mix and match of forms, finishes and colors, it brings objects and people together in delightfully harmonious bathroom environment.

Floated elements

All the elements of Plural interrelate in a way that encourages mixing and grouping together in a modern and fresh bathroom concept.

Plural washbasins appear to float from the wall and can be positioned in unprecedented locations, even in the middle of the room.

Mixing Colors

Plural introduces a subtle palette of colors and materials into the bathroom space to break away from conventional design.


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Matt Black, Matt White, Matte Mink, Matte Taupe, White

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